What is Cmycard?

A lead generator in form of a business card

Why is Cmycard a must

The perfect Digital Business Card for businesses

Product area

All channels for making contact by one-click

The perfect Digital Business Card for businesses

Make Contact details including a map

Display in several languages

Gallery of customer references


NFC Card


NFC Key Chain


Move forward

And Keep In Touch

An Option for sending the business card from any device to any device by click of a button

Smart Marketing begins with Superior First Impression

Powerful and advanced marketing system for lead collection and increase of sales

Advanced marketing

An individual dynamic marketing platform with a mutilingual management system

Spectacular design

Uploading of audio files, movies, photos, texts of the employee and/or the company

One-click data transfer

Via scanning, email, WhatsApp, SMS or NFC. Presents and shares social networks

Sending updates

Advanced products' promotions and interactive updates to customers

Data-based marketing

Analytics-based system for marketing optimization

Sales increase

Turns every sent business card into a potential lead

You are welcome to advance to the Smarter Digital Business Card

Variety of programs for businesses

Annual Package

1-4 User
$79 per user

Annual Package

5-8 User
$46 per user

Annual Package

+9 User
$38 Per user

Your business card can look like that

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